If I knew

The exact moment

I was going to die,

Would I spend my time asking such things on Ello?

Would I spend my time snarking those who ask such things on E...

I stumbled wearily in from the storm, expecting dust and cobwebs of a fallow land, bereft of followers. Rather, I cannot find my way, blinded by content by ran...

It's been 11 days since I last saw anyone post to Ello. I begin to grow fearful that soon my followers will be in their houses at R'lyeh, dreaming.

The boost that a book gets from a nod from Bruce Schneier is pretty impressive to watch.

Hi all, its been a while since I rapped atchya, but a friend mentioned that the site still existed, so I figured wtf. Are you here?

How many "not helpful" markings does a negative review need before Amazon will kill it? My "most helpful negative review" is at 0 of 9.

If I were a large company privacy officer hearing about @ashk4n's appointment at the FTC, I'd be hiring a lot of engineers.

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