This is the only way a blog should be done. Now if I can get off my procrastinating ass ...

> 1. No journaling, unless it's relevant to people who don't know me. Example: "Today I went down to 7-11 and bought a Slurpee. Strawberry is my favorite flavor!"

> 2. No tired memes, unless I have something to add. Example: "Take this quiz and find out which Smurf you are! I'm Jokey!"

> 3. Be original.

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Peter Siebel conducted an interview with Hal Abelson which is really, really long, but (obviously!) worth reading; you might want to take a printout and keep it...


Go read metacrap by Cory Doctorow. Here's bait:

> There are at least seven insurmountable obstacles between the world as we know it and meta-utopia.