Quite a reassuring TED talk:

Today, I, as the mother of a six-year-old, walk into Barnes and Noble, and see this. And it is amazing the variety that one finds on those shelves. There are guides to raising an eco-friendly kid, a gluten-free kid, a disease-proof kid, which, if you ask me, is a little bit creepy. There are guides to raising a bilingual kid even if you only speak one language at home. There are guides to raising a financially savvy kid and a science-minded kid and a kid who is a whiz at yoga. Short of teaching your toddler how to defuse a nuclear bomb, there is pretty much a guide to everything.

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People just leave the CapsLock key lying around on their keyboard ... this was me too, just five years ago.

Stop this idiocy! Remap CapsLock to Ctrl, please.


I was curious about the current costs of domain names. Then I saw that agambrahma.com was available for about $10/yr, and (on impulse!) went ahead and bought it...