Love Unicorn / 我愛獨角獸 material:T - alice_lin | ello

I Love Unicorn / 我愛獨角獸

material:Traditional Chinese painting pigment and ink on rice paper / 紙本設色
size: 112*89cm (44*35 inches)
Year of creation: 2017

I wanted to explore a dialogue about curiosity, anxiety and energy. Depending upon the way we grow up, sometimes we can lose our sense of freshness by way of a stressful life and monotonous routine. Nevertheless, there’s still an energy that inhabits our bodies, akin to the creative juice that flows through flowers. Unicorn’s have a universial concept about dreamland, creativity, fortune and joy. They evoke imagery filled with creative energy and narratives of mental landscapes. Unicorn’s remind us of our childhood dreams and direct our attention towards other perspectives and world views.

In this month, June, 'I love unicorn' exhibit at WXW gallery (www.wowxwow.com)), please check it out to get more information about it..
Art interview with WXW gallery

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