This is my mid-term project of telling a story about a friend of mine. I choose to do this under the format of a music video to this song ( "blue" by Elephant Dee ), because somehow music related to me a lot, and this one was the killer. The original video was perfect, my version is more about how I feel the music, how I became blue under some circumstance.
And during my creative process for the script and the story board, the 1972 American feature-length pornographic film, Behind the Green Door, was my biggest inspiration for this mv. I hope you can get how blue I was back in time.
Credits :
Model: Sophie Wang
Featuring: Alice Gao
Direct/ Story/ Edit/ Style: Coke du
Make-up: Alice Gao
Visual design/ Motion graphic: Coke du

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mid-term project telling story  - cokedu | ello

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