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John Orion Young on Bringing Joy to People via Virtual Reality

John Orion Young’s initials spell “joy,” which happens to perfectly align with his mission to evoke that emotion using digital art. Classically trained in drawing, painting and sculpting, Young has merged his artistic background and skills with an intense love of technology.

Recently, Young’s work has turned towards self-portraiture in order to explore personal connection and experience. Although his art has multiple outlets (painting, Apple Messages stickers, VR drawing), a common thread of playfulness exists across all his mediums. Read on to learn about Young’s work, his inspiration, and how he sees the future of immersive virtual reality.

Tell us a little about your background—how did you get into VR drawing?

I’ve been classically trained from childhood in traditional drawing, painting and sculpting master techniques by my father who is a wildlife artist working in lost-wax bronze casting and oil painting. Dualistically, I love technology and have been obsessed with the internet from the day my friend dialed up http://www.hamsterdance.org/ and showed me the promise the internet held. I’ve always found making physical art more exhilarating than digital, until experiencing virtual reality. With this new experience, my perspective and the potential of digital art as an outlet and medium for creativity has been elevated.

Where do you go for inspiration?

Oh man! I trip on about anything and everything no matter where I go. This is my duty. Creativity is an unlimited resource that you can tap over and over as long as you remove mental limitations and barriers. Material and environmental distinctions of what is good or bad can be useful for improving a design experience, but carrying it with you through the entire creative process limits your scope of possibilities. It’s important to keep my eyes, mind, heart and spirit open and ready to accept inspiration from all sources in the universe.

Alternate answer: Best Buy and Home Depot.


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