Easy Choices

by Notty Bumbo, 2015

There is a movie being made
Of the life you hoped to live,
Not the one you actually live,
But where your dreams have failed
To direct your feet.

There is a story being told
Of the wonder you avoided,
The wonder left wilting in the fields,
Fruit fallen and more than the birds
Were willing to profit from.

There is a song being sung
Of adventures that did not happen
While you slept through your life,
While you kept to the schedule
That brought happiness to none.

Here, then, a door awaits!
Can you see the brass knob?
Can you feel the firm step
Leading to the opening
Where all these wonders await?

Will you take it, now?
Or will you stare slack-jawed,
Fail this simple test,
Leave all these riches to another
Who does not even know your name?

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