These are the first two spreads of the new picturebook I'm working on! I just finished the dummy book last week, and I still have to add it to my portfolio on my website. But for now, I just wanted to write a bit about it and put it out into the world.

Last spring I was gardening, and a wasp stung me at the base of my spine. It was real painful and I screamed and hollered when it happened and ran inside and demanded sympathy. When all I got was teasing, I angrily started writing a fairy tale about what had happened to me. Sometimes strong emotions must become stories, and I did it. First I made it a mini comic, where I combined prose with illustrations, but after some reflection I realized it deserved the time it took to make it a picture book.

And here it is, a story about a girl who is grumpy and get's visited by Positive Thinking, a fairy who shows her all the good things in her garden and teaches her how to be happy.

I hope this picturebook finds a good home, I am in the frightening stage of taking my little project and sharing it with the world and hoping something good comes of it.

My site is http://www.baubonut.com/aniaportfolio.html, and you can get in touch with me via twitter https://twitter.com/aniastypul

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