Wrocław Tenement Stories #3

He pauses to admire his impressive abdomen as he catches sight of his own reflection in the...


Wrocław Tenement Stories #1

It's nearly midnight and the temperature is into the high 30s. She feels another bead of sw...

London Sketches 11 - The Dating Grandmother

She feels like a naughty schoolgirl. Not only is she missing the midweek ch...


UK Sketches 3 - The nearly divorcee

He stares at his ringing phone in disbelief. He's used to it ringing day and night ...


UK Sketches 2

He pecks through his change, ordering each coin by size. He has a few more pennies left than expected, so...


Wrocław Tenement Stories #2

She stares at the garish blouse in her hands, trying to match up the seams, to maintain a s...


Well, it's been a while. Sorry all, I will try to visit more often in future.

An ethical dilemma

The UK, Paris and London Sketches that I write about random strangers have been relatively popular h...


London Sketches 10 - The Drunken Mod

It’s Monday night and he’s six pints down, but then this is The Who, may even be t...

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