Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extensions

Hair treatments are the one thing you want to have but you’re always dubious. What if they cause damage? What if they don’t suit me? What if I get allergies? These and more questions are always on your mind when it comes to any kind of cosmetic procedure. Hair extensions have been quite a topic of discussion these days. Celebrities have gone for hair extensions and people follow them. But some questions are always asked to the stylists regarding hair extensions.

Where Do They Come From?
Of course, everybody wants to know their origin. Most salons have witnessed clients who come and ask the same question, “Where do you get them?” Well, the natural hair is human hair and most companies do not disclose the sources. However most of the Hair is collected from China, India and Russia. Mostly they are selected on the basis of their volume, color and thickness.

What Are Different Types?
When it comes to hair extensions, people always want to know the options. What are the types and what are their characteristics. Some hair extensions are temporary; they can be clipped in and clipped out. Others can stay in your hair for weeks, months or a year depending upon the type. Some of them are installed and attached with the natural hair.

Why Are They Expensive?
One thing that troubles everyone is the price of the hair extensions procedure. People frequently ask why hair extensions are so expensive. Well, for the most part, the collection of human hair from different countries is a difficult task in itself and then there’s processing, preserving and coloring. Another reason that hair extensions cost you a huge amount is due to the fact that it requires a highly skilled stylist. These stylists have spent years in mastering the procedure and charge for their perfection.

What Is the Required Length for Hair Extensions?
One thing people want to know about is the length of their natural hair required for hair extensions. Usually three inches are the least required, yet the longer natural hair, the more room is there for extensions.

Can They Damage the Natural hair?
Most people have been through the pain of hair fall, they don’t want to increase the damage, and therefore they are very concerned when going for hair extensions. They want to know about the potential damage extensions can cause on their natural hair. Well, the experts ask people to follow their instructions to avoid the damage. For instance, they should not be placed in the head for more than the suggested time so that the natural hair may not get entangled with the extensions.

Are They Permanent?
Unfortunately people perceive hair extensions to be a permanent solution to their thin or falling hair, and they always ask the question, “Are They Permanent?”
Well, no matter how expensive and natural they are, they are never permanent. Although some of them can stay with your natural hair for almost a year, but they are very high in cost.

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