At Budnitz Bicycles we spend a lot of time thinking about bicycle pedals.

After all, that’s where our legs transfer power to the bicycle. A lousy pedal means a lousy ride, and after trying and rejecting virtually every other pedal on the planet, we did what we always do.

We built our own.

Say hello to the new Budnitz Platform Pedals. CNC machined out of a single block of 6061 T6 aluminum, they’re super lightweight and easy to ride. A gentle curve and adjustable pins ensure a tight grip in all conditions — without the hassle of going clipless.

The slim profile gives ample clearance for curbs, gravel, roots and rocks. Tough enough for the most aggressive city riding and the gnarliest singletrack trail.

Available titanium spindle makes these among the lightest platform pedals in the world. The perfect addition to a new Budnitz Bicycle, or as an upgrade to your current ride.

Shipped worldwide, starting at $90.

Order now.

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