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so excited to share my page (left) on this year's OFFF, let's feed the future book. Designed by @outrostudio and featuring works of @letasobierajski @velvetspectrum @santiagocarrasquilla @lancewymannews and @heystudio among others.

I feel very lucky to be part of such a book. Especially because OFFF happens in my home country (I attended years ago, before I even got into illustration) and it makes me really happy to be in it, years later, all the way from New York!

The theme for the book is "nostalgia". So I illustrated "nostalgia" of the first kiss. That feeling, both exciting, scary and thrilling all at once.

The book cover has a mirror and includs a vinyl with music by @wnlab and @humoculebra. Printed by @impressus_.

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