You may have noticed that you have a new Notification Center button next to your Friends & Noise buttons :eyes:

All of your notifications about invites & following have been pulled out of your Friends stream and now exist in the drawer. All of your future @ mention notifications will also show in your drawer. Previous @ mentions have been removed from your feed. Hopefully you got an email notification about them, but if you've turned emails off, you may have lost unviewed updates :zap:

On your keyboard, you can now press:

  • F to go to Friends
  • N to go to Noise
  • R to refresh and navigate to your Notifications

For us, this is a huge improvement over the previous notification experience. Your Friends stream should look pretty fantastic now. If it doesn't, try following more awesome people :smile:

We'll be refining this feature as we move forward, but it really feels like a breath of fresh air in here, especially if you're an active user. Let us know what you think, and watch for more new features & improvements in the coming days/weeks :ello:


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