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This week we launched a new category - Modernism is Crap - from our first Ello Curator in Residence, Cha Blasco. Cha is a composer and sound designer based in Sweden. His latest album, Urania, just dropped. You can check it out here.

New Category: Modernism is Crap

As curator, I try that the relationship between the works are right in the intermediate space between the very obvious and very stilted, generating a direct subtle connection. I generally mix all kind of art, design and disciplines from all times and cultures. I like to explore a new visual language where is not just about the works in itself rather than the existing communication between them. I like to test the viewer and push their boundaries about the understanding of what is art or not.

– Cha Blasco, @modernism_is_crap, Ello Curator in Residence

General Assembly x Ello Talks on Creativity

Our second talk with General Assembly is coming up on November 2. The theme is Building Your Creative Career: Business Basics.

Ello CEO Todd Berger (@todd) will be moderating a panel of creative professionals as they discuss how to manage your time, connecting with fellow creatives, pricing your services, marketing your work, asking for referrals, juggling clients, operating a business, and continuing to be creative.

The panel includes:

Yours truly
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Ello

Tran Wills - @tranwills
Entrepreneur, Fabric Lab, Svperordinary Art Gallery, Base Coat Nail Salon

Kate Kavanaugh
Owner / Butcher, Western Daughters Butcher Shop

Shae Whitney
Owner, Dram Apothecary

Mike M. Moore - @mmm
Founder + Design Principal , tres birds workshop

Jamie Kripke - @jk

Grant Dupré - @grantdupre / @mountainstandard
Director of Product Design, SIDFACTOR

More info here

Reminder: Hi-Fructose x Ello Emerging Artist Showcase

Get Published - Win a $1,000 Grant

The Hi-Fructose x Ello Emerging Artist Showcase will feature 16 artists in a special insert in the next print issue of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine (January 2017) and a special Ello online feature. Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine is always looking to discover emerging artists, and Ello - the Creators Network - endeavors to provide visibility and opportunity for the abundance of talented creators on its platform.

Learn more here.

Awesome background image by @droneman.
GA x Ello background image by @velvetspectrum.
Hi-Fructose x Ello image by @joanneleah


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