:ello: Ello development update, Feb 3, 2015 :ello:

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There's been a lot happening over here at the Ellonet, and I've been slacking on making a new dev update post. We have some great new people on the Ello team, who you can find & follow here, and the Denver development team is moving offices in the next week. We're getting after it!

:star: We've made improvements and fixes across the board, to these areas most noticeably:

Media Embeds

:small_blue_diamond: If you missed my first post about media embeds, you should know that you can now paste a URL to a YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion/Soundcloud/Mixcloud video or sound to create an inline embed! Since then...

:small_blue_diamond: Soundcloud playlists are now supported :sound:

:small_blue_diamond: Mixcloud URLs now support special/international characters

:small_blue_diamond: YouTube should return better thumbnails for all videos

:small_blue_diamond: Embeds should appear consistently in the Notification Center


:small_blue_diamond: If you've set your profile to Post Adult-oriented Content, your avatar & header images will now show a pixelated version for users who choose to not View Adult-oriented Content (and visitors who aren't signed in). This means you can have your ugly bits in your profile images and the rest of us don't have to see them if we don't want to :neckbeard:

:small_blue_diamond: Another important note about NSFW: If you have a SFW avatar and header image, and only occasionally post NSFW content, we recommend only turning on your Post Adult-oriented Content setting before you make a naughty post, and turning it off after posting. This setting is in fact attached to individual posts! This lets your SFW posts show by default for people who have View Adult-oriented Content turned off. We're going to refine this process, but this is the best workflow for now.


:small_blue_diamond: You can now see a list of users that you've blocked on your settings page. If you've blocked a lot of users, you might not see them all in the list, but we're working on making the full list available.

New feature preparations

:small_blue_diamond: As we prepare for several large feature releases, we have a ton going on behind the scenes, but I really can't say much about these efforts quite yet :no_mouth:


:small_blue_diamond: We're continuing to build backend tools to make community/site/content management easier on our end. We have a lot of awesome Elloers to keep safe, happy, and interactive :smile: :ello:

General bug fixes & improvements

:bug::hammer: We fixed a ton of bugs across the platform and are working on refining what we've built so far. The following systems have received some love in the last couple of weeks:

:small_blue_diamond: Notification Center
:small_blue_diamond: Content flagging
:small_blue_diamond: The invite system
:small_blue_diamond: Ello site SEO
:small_blue_diamond: Emails & the onboarding process
:small_blue_diamond: User Search/Discovery
:small_blue_diamond: Banned users
:small_blue_diamond: General site performance & stability

We're committed to refine our Ello until it's where we want it to be. No software is perfect, especially software under such heavy development and frequent releases, but we have an amazing crew working hard to make it even better.

As always, we appreciate all of the great feedback that you give us. Please remember to report bugs and send suggestions via our email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]. We're listening, and your opinion matters! The more we hear about something, the more likely we'll address it :shipit:

Thanks for being here with us, and :dizzy: :heart: :ello: