The Ello development team made progress on several fronts today:

* We're working hard on privacy features - first and foremost a Block button. This will help you deal with spammy accounts who are following everybody with reckless abandon :no_entry_sign: We're also building tools that will help stem this type of negative behavior from the outset. In the meantime we're deleting abusive users as quickly as possible :x:

* Search is working much, much better now. Enjoy! :mag:

* Posting & commenting on your phone (iPhone especially) is much improved. Selecting text in your post/comment while typing is much easier, and swiping between mobile panels works a bit better now. There's still some work to be done on Android phones, which I'm personally working on this week :iphone:

* Some users sent/received an invite to Ello via another random user, due to people guessing invite codes. This has been patched. Sorry for any weirdness there, but your accounts are safe :heavy_check_mark:

* We're slowly letting new users onboard who have requested invites from the Ello homepage. There is a huge queue, and we're scaling up our servers to handle the demand. This has been an interesting challenge, but the @modeset team has done a stellar job so far :star:

There's lots more to talk about, but those are the standouts from today. Our small teams are working around the clock to make Ello great, and we appreciate your patience as we build this platform. Thanks for being here :ello: