Ello and Happy Friday!

We've had another very busy past couple of weeks, and I come to you with another Ello development update :ello:

--- New Features ---


:small_blue_diamond: Sharing: Unless you have a non-public account, you should now see an icon under your posts that allows you to quickly share your Ello content to other networks. This feature is aimed at people who use Ello as a social publishing platform and want to quickly syndicate their work. It's essentially a way to easily copy your post's URL to other places. We're still working on sharing tools within the network, but these will take a bit more time to build. As always, this is our first pass at a feature that will continue to evolve, and we're listening to your feedback. Thanks to everybody who's chimed in! :bell:

:small_blue_diamond: iOS emojis: You can now safely use the emoji keyboard on your iPhone or iPad! Previously, these special characters would only show up for other iOS or Safari users, but we can now input emojis in more common ways :iphone: :+1:

:small_blue_diamond: Speaking of emojis... If you're on a desktop browser, you now have a quick way to let someone know that you dig their post. It's always better to say something meaningful, but sometimes a simple :bread: is the best way to express yourself. We've heard a lot of feedback on this, and have tweaked it a bit already :smile:


:small_blue_diamond: Wallpapers! @todd and @lucian put together a series of Ello wallpapers to show some Ello love on your screens. Check them out over at @wtf: https://ello.co/wtf/post/wallpapers

--- Fixes & Improvements ---

:small_blue_diamond: Our Search/Discover system has been receiving a lot of love. It will continue receiving love, but it's certainly taken some great steps forward. Check it out to find some awesome people :mag:

:small_blue_diamond: We've added a bit of visual feedback when loading & posting comments, loading the next page in your feeds, and clicking certain buttons. We're going to keep adding this type of feedback to help us all navigate the Ello interface :flashlight: This is a never-ending work in progress.

:small_blue_diamond: We had a bug with images becoming darker after they were uploaded. This is fixed :hammer:

:small_blue_diamond: We've been working on tons of stuff behind the scenes to improve stability, scalability and the initial experience for new users.

We're growing quickly and doing everything we can to make Ello great. There's a long road ahead of us, and this is just the beginning. Your feedback is always appreciated, and we're responding as quickly as we can. There's so much more in store, and we're so happy to be here with you :sparkles:

:heart: :ello: