:ello: Ello development update, Feb 12, 2016 :ello:

The dev crew has released some great improvements to iOS, more specifically:

:small_blue_diamond: The repost icon has been updated to make it clearer who created the original.
:small_blue_diamond: You shouldn’t be automatically logged out anymore! We completely rebuilt authentication. :nut_and_bolt:
:small_blue_diamond: Notifications now have a preview so you can quickly see what's :new:
:small_blue_diamond: We brought back the option to open a page in Safari from the app.
:small_blue_diamond: You can now share an entire user profile. :page_facing_up:
:small_blue_diamond: Profiles load faster because we removed some extra api data.
:small_blue_diamond: We fixed a bug where profile pages were crashing while scrolling. :bug:
:small_blue_diamond: You can no longer repost your own posts. :wink:

We also added a quick, easy method for adding an Ello button to your website or social media. Share the love and help us keep building our fantastic community.

Thanks for being a part of this ride,

:dizzy: :heart: :ello:


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