"The Selfie Drawings" project began in January 2015 and was inspired by a visit with my grandmother who had just turned 99. Tonight I'm releasing documentation of the #final augmented reality work from the project, Blipp 52, and it's dedicated to Pansy Mae Ward Tester (1915-2017) and her 101 years of life. Selfie Drawing 52 “Powers of Ten” on page 113 of the book. Sound Credits : Spoken word by system voice “Moira” and myself, reciting the lyrics of “Appalachia” by Momus, from his Folktronic album, 2001. Many thanks to all involved with the project: Luke Robert Mason, Jimmy Kyriacou, #BehindTheFace, #Unbox, TRANSFER Gallery, Kelani Nichole, Dorothy Santos, Tina Sauerländer, Blippar #AR, The Lumen Prize, Pratt Institute Libraries, Cleveland Adams
LYRICS: Appalachian mountain girl Coming home to meAppalachian mountain girl Keep me company Won't you come and comfort me ElectronicallyAppalachian mountain girl Coming home to me Electronic mountain girl Say you'll always stay Electronic mountain girl Never fade away If you should ever fade away I would fade to grey Electronic mountain girl From the Appalachia Way Electronic mountain girl Say you love me do Electronic mountain girl And your love is true When I look into your eyes Appalachia blue I spend my life coming home to Electronic you Electronic mountain girl If I had my way Electronic mountain girl By your side I'd stay I’d stare into your deep blue eyes Every night and day Electronic mountain girl From the Appalachia Way
#augmentedreality, #augmentedartistbook, #augmentedart #theselfiesdrawings

Selfie Drawings project began J - carlag | ello

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