One of the problems with writing songs is I need to come up with covers. And, like always, I have no bloody money. So he...

problems writing songs covers.  - cchogan | ello

Had a bit of a walk in the sun on my own this afternoon. Very quiet and peaceful, so took some dreamy photos.

Hunting Dragons

Sometimes the most special words
Are the ones that are never heard
Sometimes the most important tales
Are the ones hidden in secret dales

I ca...


Song - I Hear Your Voice

Not every day is beautiful
Not every day is bright
Sometimes my smile fades away
And I wallow in the night

I cannot always laugh
I cann...


Naked Poems on Ello

If I took my clothes off
Showed my wrinkled form
Would you read my poems more?
Would my meaning be ...

Little Lady full of Love

A laid back country number

Walking along the banks of the river
Her bare feet in the dust
Soft little smile soaking up the summer
Hair li...


Lonely Little Girl

#song #poem

Walking down the back streets
With her bag slung on her back
Her phone is in her hand
But he hasn't messaged back
She's always

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