Happy Worker - Joyous Industry  - cogwurx | ello

Happy Worker - Joyous in our Industry

I've been working on this thing for months! Months I say! The amount of revisions...

Agate 24x24 Oil Canvas digging  - cogwurx | ello

Oil on Canvas

I’m really digging the direction that my work is heading recently. It’s very exciting.

© c...

Synapse 24″ Oil Canvas journey - cogwurx | ello

24″ x 24″
Oil on Canvas

Well this certainly was a journey. This one has more layers on it than I’ve ever worked o...

Oil on Canvas

Wow, was this one fun to paint! Totally intuitive. I wanted to just experiment with the mo...

Glass Smoke 24x24 Oil Canvas Co - cogwurx | ello

Glass and Smoke
Oil on Canvas

Continuing on this journey of organic lines and color spaces. I tried to add a mor...

Pipevine 24x24 Oil Canvas love  - cogwurx | ello

24"x24" Oil on Canvas

I love how my paintings and I work together. As usual I had an idea of where this piece ...

April 24x24 Oil Canvas piece to - cogwurx | ello

Oil on Canvas

So this piece totally didn't turn out as expected. I don't know how to even describe the pro...

Oil on Canvas

Wow, did this painting challenge me. I started this piece with the line work, and then ...

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