More often than not we find ourselves talking about and sharing music at the studio, among friends, creatives, strangers, and acquaintances alike. As such we thought we would start sharing some of the bits n pieces of music that have been filling our ears and serving as inspiration during our daily sprints to meet project deadlines.

Young Fathers : White Men Are Black Men Too
Young Fathers are a genre bending, mercury award winning, 'hip hop / pop' trio that hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. Their latest album is all over the place sonically and definitely not for everyone... but it's been on heavy repeat within our walls.

Jaime XX : In Colour
We've been raving our brains out to this LP since it dropped earlier this week.This album definitely brings us back to our days of hopping from abandoned building to abandoned building in Denver pre Rockies, with pit stops at Rock Island every so often...

Odisee : The Good Fight
Bright, energetic and uplifting... a definitive contrast to the majority of hip hop music being released these days. With tracks like "That's Love" Odisee is most certainly fighting the good fight.

What's been tickling your eardrums over the past few weeks?

cc @ellomusic #HeavyRotation

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