enjoying making melting graphic - cosmicnuggets | ello

still going!! really enjoying making these... melting my graphics tablet x

custom action figure.. head QiQ - cosmicnuggets | ello

old custom action figure.. using the head of a QiQi ... this guy is still missing in action.. hope hes ok!

funk leg.. kinda jam, addicted  - cosmicnuggets | ello

funk leg.. kinda my new jam, addicted to drawing these lines.. working it out my system.. in other news, awaiting new wo...

bit obsessed tiny drawings, pos - cosmicnuggets | ello

used to be a bit obsessed with these tiny drawings, post it note style.. this was about the time i started to draw . mor...

sketching ;) hehe... adobe cs 5 - cosmicnuggets | ello

still sketching away ;) hehe... does anybody know if adobe cs 5.5 will work with the new apple sierra Os? preparing for ...

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