DAN FERRER www.danferrer.es
Graffiti artist, painter and illustrator from Spain.

1- "FROM LAMB TO FOX" (spray paint and acrylic on wall).
(For created this work I imagined how a grandmother tells her granddaughter: "My little lamb ... get you ready for life out there, because it's wild ... and you have to be astute").

2- ÏMBALANCE" (spray paint and acrylic on wall).
(I created this piece thinking about this concept: The balance that measures what is profitable and "feeds the belly" is not always balanced with what you do with heart and "feeds the soul").

3- "HUMPTY DUMPTY" (spray paint and acrylic on wall).
("No matter how many times you break, after falling always you have to get up, because only eggs who dare to climb a wall are the ones that are closer to the sky").


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