What is the state of deployment of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)? What is #DNSSEC all about, anyway? Why should you care about it? What does it do? In this e...


I stood on the side of a street this morning in a Santa hat waving at people. It was so amusing I had to record a bit about it... :-)

TDYR 318 - Watching People Wave Back (Standing On The Side of the Road) by DanYork on #SoundCloud

Want to join a global conversation about how we connect the unconnected, increase the level of trust in the Internet and advance appropriate Internet governance...


New audio podcast - TDYR 310 -Initial Thoughts on Facebook Messenger "Instant Video" -

TDYR 310 - Initial Thoughts on Facebook Messenger "Instant Video" by DanYork on #SoundCloud

New audio - a bit about watching 100 girls throw rocks at houses... this past week in Toronto...

TDYR 319 - Watching 100 Girls Throw Rocks At Houses by DanYork on #SoundCloud

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