Interesting notes about posting photos to Ello from my iPhone running iOS7:

  • If I take a photo in landscape orientation, it posts correctly.
  • If I take a photo in portrait orientation, it posts sideways (as if it were landscape).

  • If I "Edit" the portrait photo in the Photos app (iOS 7), tap the crop symbol, tap "Aspect", tap "Square", position the image and then save it - and THEN post the photo to Ello, it posts correctly.

  • If I take a photo in "Square" mode, it posts sideways just like a portrait photo.

  • If I "Edit" that square photo, and just crop it even a tiny bit, and THEN upload the photo, it posts correctly.

The summary of that is that outside of posting landscape photos, posting photos from my iPhone doesn't work too well, BUT editing to be "Square" can indeed work.