Don't come into Ello expecting to find Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Just because it is being called the "ANTI-FACEBOOK" doesn't mean it is yet offering the capabilities of Facebook. It's early days. It's a time right now to reconnect with people you may have known back in the early days of other social networks... fellow members of the "tribe of bright shiny object chasers" who try out new social networks. It is a time to connect with new members of that tribe you haven't yet met. It is a time to experiment... to poke... to test...

Ello may succeed and be an interesting place to meet people and learn from them - and a refreshing place to keep visiting... or it may become "yet-another-place-to-check" that people don't ... or it may become a small niche social network that only a few participate in ... or... who knows what it will become.

Sure... there's a lot of rough edges here... but it's early days. Let's keep an open mind... and plunge in to the degree we all can. :smile: