:elephant: So @dredmorbius mentioned Mastodon the social network this morning, which reminded me... I think I had known about twitter for at least three, maybe four years before I first decided to make an account... I currently have six personal Twitter accounts, and I've managed a handful of brand accounts over the years, some solo and some as part of a team...

I'm not too sure I want to try Mastodon at this point; not yet, anyways... I mean Diaspora never really took off...

But eh. Mastodon's here/there. It's Open Source and it's federated. Give it a run if you like. Or not...

UPDATE: Darn teh shiny... :disappointed::laughing::disappointed::laughing: Yes, I've signed up an account:
:arrow_forward: :elephant: mastodon.cloud/@ferdiz

Some Mastodon articles I've collected:

Ello peeps also on Mastodon (that I've known of so far at this moment):

If any of you wish to not be on this “semi-public” list, do let me know and I'll hide you from this list, thanks hehe :grin::v:

And yes! Yes, it is definitely early-days excitement right now. Let us not get our hopes too far up. I myself am trying not to, at least.

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