EXPLAINING MARKDOWN IN A PODCAST (Including Markdown usage on Ello)

What is the Markdown language all about and how is it used on sites like Ello? Last week I published an audio podcast that folks here on Ello may find useful. Titled [FIR On Technology with Dan York, Episode 3: Understanding Markdown](http://forimmediaterelease.biz/index.php?/weblog/comments/firontechnologywithdanyorkepisode3understandingmarkdown)_ , the episode was a way for me to explain Markdown to communicators and others working with PR and marketing. I also included many links on the episode page to sites where you could learn more about Markdown.

You'll notice that I specifically mentioned Ello and how posts on Ello can be formatted using Markdown.

You can listen to the episode on its web page or get it from iTunes.

I'd definitely appreciate any comments about the episode - whether it was helpful, other ideas, etc. - either left here on Ello or over in the FIR Podcast Community on Google+ (although that seems somewhat strange to recommend here on Ello! :smile: ).

I recorded a preview of the FIR on Technology episode for my "The Dan York Report" podcast that I release through SoundCloud. Since I can embed that here in Ello, here it is...


Obviously the full FIR On Technology episode has more details and links. Enjoy!