Screenshot of the 7 days / 168 hours version with daily variations of 'Réconfort infini (after Annie Abrahams)'.

Screenshot 7 days / 168 hours v - davidlavaysse | ello

Oven-dried wine-infused cassettes.
Musical setting of 'Domaine de Pélissols' french vineyard.

Oven-dried wine-infused cassett - davidlavaysse | ello
Tiny flyers release ep 'La vill - davidlavaysse | ello

Tiny flyers I've made for the release of my new ep 'La ville en grâce'.
Korean Hanji paper / typewriter / hand water tear...

Received today. pinkest pink. 5 - davidlavaysse | ello

Received today.
The world's pinkest pink. 50g.
Super bright high pigment fluorescent pink powder paint by Stuart Semple.

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