Theodore Saddleforth Enthusiast - doktor_a | ello

Theodore P. Saddleforth

Enthusiastic cyclist and champion of outdoors pursuits in general.
Theodore is an extremely spo...

Roderick “Tin Nosed” Magee comm - doktor_a | ello

Roderick “Tin Nosed” Magee
A commanding Officer who lost his nose in an unfortunate munitions loading accident.
His bagm...

Erasmus Kipple muck Brass.. pro - doktor_a | ello

Erasmus Kipple
Where there’s muck there’s Brass.. Or so the saying goes.
It proved true for Erasmus.
Mistaken for dead ...

Boris Stillman brew craft ales  - doktor_a | ello

Boris Stillman
Able to brew craft ales within his own body.
The life and soul of a party.

Vinyl, ABS, Polyurethane resi...

Lugger Working Ports Railway St - doktor_a | ello

The Lugger
Working in the Ports and Railway Stations of Retropolis, Lugger is a smaller class of land tug. He can shunt l...

Sinister & Dexter Man – Rob - doktor_a | ello

Sinister & Dexter
-Not Half the Man He Used to Be –
Sinister & Dexter Robes Maudsley

His parents wanted identical twins...

Heart Empire majesty suspended  - doktor_a | ello

Heart of Empire
When her majesty was placed into suspended animation for safe keeping her heart was removed and given a...

Sir Cuthbert Pinkerly-Wormsboro - doktor_a | ello

Sir Cuthbert Pinkerly-Wormsborough at the Helm of Her Majesties’s Subterranean Ironclad Defender

Sir Cuthbert is one of ...

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