WeGo Customs created mini editi - doktor_a | ello

WeGo Customs I have created a mini edition of customised Mechatro WeGo robot toys from Sen-Ti-Nel and 1000 Toys. These 1...

Ernest Longfellow desires preci - doktor_a | ello

Ernest Longfellow
Ernest desires precision in all things.
He is always dressed immaculately in the finest tailored cloth...

Whipple Brothers – Siamese twin - doktor_a | ello

The Whipple Brothers

– Siamese twins joined at the Brain –

When Ronson Travithick first introduced his revolutionary N...

Abandoned Woman – waiting retur - doktor_a | ello

The Abandoned Woman
– Forever waiting for her beau’s return-
It is said her betrothed departed on some dangerous expediti...

Hugo Neko Lapin originally fash - doktor_a | ello

Hugo Neko Lapin
Hugo was originally fashioned with the countenance of a Cat.
He has never felt it suited him. In fact he...

Nathan Foursquare wanted teache - doktor_a | ello

Nathan Foursquare
He wanted to be a P. E. teacher.
But as a youngster he was barred from most sports due to his abundanc...

Lester Molesworthy – Fixer rema - doktor_a | ello

Lester Molesworthy – The Fixer
One of the last remaining original builder Mechs. Long since outmoded by bigger,faster, s...

Spinning Jenny Acrylic, Steel,  - doktor_a | ello

Spinning Jenny
Round and round and round she goes. Why she does, Nobody knows.

Acrylic, Steel, Lead, Rubber, Found Objec...

Odorous Fish Man -Abhorrent Pis - doktor_a | ello

The Odorous Fish Man
-Abhorrent Piscine Denizen of the Deep-
Obadiah Marsh was a tailor by trade who found he had an affi...

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