part 1000 toys touring show cus - doktor_a | ello

As part of the 1000 toys touring show I customised one of their 1:12th scale Mechatro WeGo robot toys.
Produced in assoc...

Tcon Smackdown giant Rumble! Co - doktor_a | ello

Tcon Smackdown

A giant Rumble!
A Colossal Tumble!
And one heck of a smack-down.
Giant robot on Kaiju action.

Customised T...

Nathan Foursquare wanted teache - doktor_a | ello

Nathan Foursquare
He wanted to be a P. E. teacher.
But as a youngster he was barred from most sports due to his abundanc...

critter loving home. Pop galler - doktor_a | ello

This little critter is in need of a loving home.
Pop over to @rotofugi gallery today and talk to them about adopting him....

WeGo Customs created mini editi - doktor_a | ello

WeGo Customs I have created a mini edition of customised Mechatro WeGo robot toys from Sen-Ti-Nel and 1000 Toys. These 1...

Ernest Longfellow desires preci - doktor_a | ello

Ernest Longfellow
Ernest desires precision in all things.
He is always dressed immaculately in the finest tailored cloth...

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