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First collab is finally finished, Shouts out to @rvdy for collaborating with me!
Go check out @rvdy's fantastic work if you haven't seen it yet!

Papercut Art of Endangered Animals
By Patrick Cabral

illford hp5

Change of seasons
📍Lovatnet, Norway

Trippy Drippy Toadstool - wip

Burning the midnight oil(last couple of nights), working on a few toadstool drawings in various "styles" in honor of Paul Stamets (superhero) and because I just love Shrooms (much like many of you). They are so fascinating and varied and beautiful. And let me tell you, there are so many coming up in our yard! Here is one of the most balanced versions of the drawings, in "grayscale"(much work to do). Have been playing with a few colour palettes but not decided yet. I think this version is "OK" but not next level. It is often hard to go beyond what comes easy. I may need to take a vision quest...

Tuttifruiti icicles
Flurry not as in busy but as snow ❄️❄️. Incredible huh?? So cold in Montreal.. so I am dreaming in pastels and delicious fruity gelato - flip flops and warm breezes.

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