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work museum der dinge, berlin,  - elloblog | ello


work for museum der dinge, berlin, 2016. #saschalobe #L2M3


Favorite so far. Made from 3D scans and Blender.


Changed the lighting on an older model #art #c4d #3d


Untitled mixed media A4


Obsessive Becoming has been selected for Filter Photo's exhibition On The Shelf, which will also be on display during the Filter Photo Festival. If you want a copy for yourself, there are still some for sale!


Leo Ureña

Squares Within Squares Collages

I found some weird gifs on my hard drive, unreleased, like this one, dated Nov 2014 from the exif, as far as I remember, it was for some show having something to do with a 'white cube'^^


Hirte, oil on board, 40 x 40 cm (16" square)

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