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WUETHRICHFUERST was founded by fashion designer Karin Wüthrich and graphic designer Matthias Fürst after their graduation from the MA-program of the Institute of Fashion Design Basel. The focus of their work doesn’t lie in the seasonal creation of new collections, but rather in the sustainable extension of one collection which shall continuously grow through the development of smaller series.


Live in Minneapolis


Brazilian illustrator living in Brooklyn NY


Art Director & Illustrator


I just love to draw ...


Excellent play ethic. All work original unless otherwise noted 🙃


Rudi de Wet Studio is an independent studio based in Cape Town, South Africa that produces work for a variety of media and environments, for local and international clients from concept to craft. Specialising in illustration, hand drawn type, interior artwork and graphic design.

Rudi de Wet is a graphic artist who's work is characterised by bold, colourful and energetic executions.

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