What TYPE taught me about LIFE

When i started diving deep into learning typography and lettering a few years ago i was expecting to learn more about how to create beautiful letterforms and nice typographic compositions. I had no idea it will also help me deal with a lot of other things as a person and as an artist.

And (trying to) get a little better at it everyday.

Never giving up

Really. As you work on a lettering piece you have to go back and forth several times… Planning, sketching, re-sketching. You know, just your regular project. And Just like life you have to persist, try again, go back to your desk, start all over until you reach a good result. I always tend to stick with the first idea and sometimes never try different options. When working with type you will go through several sketches, countless revisions and many steps. Which lead us to realize that…

Patience is a virtue

Ever found yourself stuck with that letter you simple cannot get right? Well, that happens to me a lot and as everything in life, theres no magic solution. The only trick is the old "work your ass off" to get it right. But don't let it consume you, take a rest, have some coffee and go back. In the middle of the chaos (or a tight deadline) we need to find the peace we need to get shit done. A few years ago i attended a design workshop and one of the advices on that powerpoint was…

Stop whining

"Stop whining" Now! Take a deep breath, count to 10, close your eyes and go to that special place. I don't know, whatever works for you. It's up to you. But seriously, stop whining. This will only make you feel more tired and never help you see the solution. Sometimes you will have to work till late, or on the weekend. Or a difficult client. It doesn't really matter. Just face the challenge like a professional. The better you can do is…


Whenever a challenge appears, be it a lettering, logotype or design project or even in your life… focus on your goal. Or the solution for that problem. Avoid distractions, turn off social media. Find your best time to work, the one you are more productive. Think about what you want to achieve/solve. Write down everything, the silly ideas, the quick insights, a quote or word. All you help you meet your goals. Because in the end…

Hard work pays



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