Do chemical air "fresheners" harm computers and other electronic devices?

computer system

Yes! Chemical air "fresheners" (as well as the more "natural stuff" can harm computers, monitors, televisions, DVRs and, yes, stereo and recording equipment.

Hear me talk about this important topic in the recorded interview I did for the People To People: Working Together For Your Safety podcast.

Here's the description of the show, hosted by Stan Salot:

Today we’re talking about the growing levels of indoor air pollution due to the increasingly ubiquitous use of chemical air “freshener” sprays and oil diffusers. “Signature scents” are now even being pumped into sports stadiums and airplane cabins.

Our regular listeners who are interested in computer technology may be concerned to learn that these substances gum up the works of computers and other electronic devices. It’s difficult to know which products to avoid for our own health, because they can contain dozens of unidentified, untested fragrance chemicals that don’t have to be revealed to anyone, not even to doctors or the government.

It is certain, however, that synthetic fragrance chemicals are designed to adhere to the surfaces they touch, and are therefore unwise to use around a wide variety of electronic equipment, including laptop computers. We will discuss how our listeners can speak out against the widespread use of substances that hurt their electronics and their health.


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