This series Combines images from New York and Paris, created in collaboration with my dear friend photographer Carla DLM (www.carladlm.com). Both cities have certainly many similarities, but this series is not about getting a result with speech photos or sense, it is more about forms and feelings.
Here, the Trump International Hotel and the Pacific Tower of La Defense mix together in a cataclysmic view of lines and curves, shadows and light.

“Phantasma” 2017 © Carla DLM - ELREM A series between Paris/New York - New York/Paris in collaboration with my dear friend and collaborator @carladlm.

The Trump International Hotel in New York City and the Pacific Tower.

CC/ @ello @ellophotography @yourdailybread @elloart @ellocollaboration
#photography #abstract #surreal #architecture #paris #newyork #collaboration

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