There's a Cat in the House and an Elephant Mastodon in the room


What's Mastodon? Read: Welcome to Mastodon.

There's a list of instances. My recommendation: find the largest instance with solid uptime, currently accepting registrations. (There are information-theoretic reasons for this.)

More at Mashable, with a ... rather unfortunately hubristic headline: Bye, Twitter. All the cool kids are migrating to Mastodon..

I'll be interested to see how this scales out.


Mastodon's been trending on Twitter for the past few days yeah... have yet to make my own account though...

// UPDATE: whoops, I've signed up hehe :sweat_smile: https://mastodon.cloud/users/FerdiZ

// #SocialNetworking #SocialMedia #GNUsocial #OpenSource #FederatedSocmed

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