I hate vendors.

"Hey, what's causing these ten-minute pauses in email delivery during emergency alerts?"

Vendor: "Here's our delivery report, please review it."

"Okay...so, you can see in Column B that there are multiple ten-minute gaps in mail delivery. What's causing that?"

Vendor: "Column A is when the email was queued on our side, and Column B is when it was delivered to your server."

"Yes...so the question we're asking is, why are there these ten-minute periods where no mail is being delivered?"

I expect next I'll have the immense joy of explaining to them what a queue is, and the difference between putting a message in a queue and actually attempting to deliver said message to a remote host. In which case I'll be sorely tempted to summon spirits from the vasty deep and from toe to crown fill their skins with pinches.

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