"We are enveloped in the sky"

There are various people who live on the earth.

The scenery that various people see.

It's also various.

The colours of the sky...

"Let's Go Slowly!"

Aren't you hurrying too much?
Because you are in a hurry,
so became you can't forgive.

Let's go more slowly.

That way you can en...

I changed my handle name from "愚者x2" to "菊千代".

The reading of "菊千代" is "Kikuchiyo".

"菊千代" is the handle name I used before.

So after all, I returned to my pr...

As a This time, I have build a my homepage.

And My homepage is link collections.

The services of I'm using, and my creative works.

Although it's in Japanese,...

2017 opens!

What kind of year will this year be?

I am happy when I can do it in a wonderful year.

And let's do our best to do so!

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