Opportunities and choices and decisions and sacrifices

One of the boys I went to primary school announced he will be a GrandDaddy by Christmas.
He is so very proud. His daughter was the 1st of their family line to go to university, and he dotes on the 22 year old.
Today on Facebook he told the world he will be a grand father by Christmas. He will be 45 by then something like 15 days younger than I am.

I have dogs and cats, whom I usually feed before I go to work - but not always. (My wife does feed them if I go out early)

Choices and opportunities and decisions and sacrifices.

I chose a different path - no kids, but opportunities to begin a new life in a far away country from where I grew up - also a sacrifice as my family are 15,000 km from me.
My choices may be selfish, but they are mine and I chose them.

My decision was the absence of bringing new life into the world - as noble as his was to have kids.

It's a piece of a roller coaster because what if my opportunities meant choices that became sacrifices?

Life is so fluid that your choices become sacrifices and your opportunities become decisions and you can't have everything.

Stuart's decisions are his and essential to his being. Mine have taken me to where I am.
I'm too selfish to have kids. I love my siblings kids but I can give them back.
At the drop of a hat, I can be 2000km from home photographing something that rocks my world, rather than than change a nappy, collect a child from school, or worry about a teenager daughter.

I've chosen opportunities, made choices and those decisions include incredible sacrifices to what many consider normal in the human race.

Its what makes us all individual, and what makes the human race something exceptional.


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