Adam #Fairly_Fresh
Adam contacted me via a whats app group I belong to in my local area, he needed some images for a portfolio piece as part of an introduction to a course.

His brief to me was very simple; clean, and plain images, because the design work involved overlaying images to tell a story about Adam.

We did the shoot in a space where the window would be the one source of light and a ProFoto B1 with a 160cm Octobox was used as the other.

We discussed styles and options and because Adam needed to be able to manipulate the space around him, we went for a white background and high key lighting and a couple of clothing options.

Below are the raw images selected for the project

These two images were selected and provided to Adam and then Elle, the designer put together a design which is instantly recognisable as an instagram feed.

It was great fun to shoot something a little different and to give my images away to a designer who created something very simple but very stylish in a form that tells a story about Adam #fairly_fresh

Editing was done by Elle Simone Hope - find her on facebook

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