Invitation to MoonMeetings.

This is not religious, not pagan, not astrological, not political ~ so everyone is inivited.

The timing is astronomical, the meeting can be spiritual, it can be psychological, it may connect us, it can be fun.
I chose the moon for timing coz it's there for all of us. It's not a matter of belief. Some may connect meaning to the moon phases and/or astrological sign of the moment, others can't be bothered with stuff like that, and that's fine. Not needed.

The rules.


The Meeting takes place in the hours around the actual moment of the full and the dark moon. Roughly a day. The closer to the change of tide the better, but sometimes that's hard to do. So, take the opportune moment, even if it really is only a moment. Much can happen in a moment.


During the given time tune in by taking that moment to feel what is going on inside yourself in the Here and Now. Whether it is nothing much, whether it is pain or joy, anger, frustration, greed, love, desire, fear, expectation, wishes, anxiousness, longing...

Acknowledge what is, here&now, and let it be.

Let it be as in Let it exist and Let it go. For that moment, let it be and let it go.

Practice trust that the universe, God, your higher/inner self, the Angels, the community, the Higher Power, the web, The Goddess, the Deity/Deities important to you, the moment, LOVE, Nature, ~ whatever suits you ~ practice trust that the energy you thus release will be used for healing.

The goal is to let go of any ideas and assumptions for a period of time, even if it's very short time.

The goal is not to envision any certain way of healing, any outcome.
This is not anything like "The Secret", no connecting to the cosmic ordering service or sumsuch. Quite the opposite.
I know this still might sound too far out and new agey for some, but trust me that this "tune into the Here&Now, tune into your own emotions" plus the "letting go - letting be" technique is a way to clear one's mind and heart. It's something I heard of (once again) in psychology school that I am attending right now.

What else

The above - tuning into the here&now and letting go - can be all, but it can also be the starting point to a long meditation or a short thought of the others, who are taking part. You can do it before you go to sleep, during your shower, while doing the dishes or during a short brake at work. You can cast a circle, sing mantras, drum and dance, write something down, burn it then, or keep it, have a meeting with friends for a ritual, light candles in a church or at your altar at home, pray, chant, dream...

What I'm trying to say: you can do anything you like.

And you can enjoy the knowledge that others around the world are connecting. That does feel good.

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