I still think of you
The fanatics who'd kill you
Still, fearless, you dance.

Undated Poem (edited today; written in a notebook kept between 1997 and 2001)

Each night the blue jars
are set out at sundown
and they rattle, filled with prayer


If I was only allowed one classic film star crush, it would be Norma Shearer. I'm surprised there aren't more gifs of Sh...

Requiem For a Friendship

You were a very funny dude
and loyal
in your way

But I never forgave you
for taking my Dad's pen
all that weed
and the attention

of th...

People are joking on Twitter but really am curious as to whether some folks will re-visit old Ello accounts out of pique toward new Twitter changes.

Even when I don't post for weeks on end, I keep signing in to Ello. It still works for me, just saying.

I am writing a book. I emailed my address to my editor's assistant today so they can mail me the contract.

I can't believe it, either. I've had a little tape in...

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