Oh look, an email from my finance company to wish me "happy holidays". You know what would make it happy? Letting me skip a payment without interest. THAT is a ...

Life truly is like a damn roller coaster. This month has been... interesting. What the hell life? November, November. So...

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 11.00.51 AM.png

Unrequited | hand cut paper
For Sectum Sempra: A Harry Potter Group Show
Milk & Honey, Philadelphia, P


So many things to keep up with that I forget about you ello. I sorry, please forgive me? In any event I have been gettin...

I'm kind of over how much rain we've had but it sure is nice when she appears at bed time. Rain and the creek frogs singing, a perfect lullaby.

Been so damn sick all weekend. I look and feel as ugly as Javier Bardem looks in No Country For Old Men.

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