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:ello: Ello development update, June 3, 2015 :ello:

We're in final preparations for the iOS app (and ramping up development of the Android app), but we're still busting out new features for all Ello platforms. Here's a list of exciting new features this week :bomb:

:heart: Loves/Bookmarks

You probably heard about the new Loves feature by now. If not, check out @budnitz's post about it. You'll soon be able to see the list of people who've loved each post, and Love Notifications will receive some enhancements as well. I'm really happy with how this turned out :heart_eyes:

:musical_note: Bandcamp embeds

A lot of people have been asking for this, and we had to make it happen, despite some roadblocks. I'm proud to have worked on this with @larquin to make it happen :fist: Simply paste a link to an album or track on Bandcamp into your post or comment, and you should magically see a new embedded music player. We have some fixes coming shortly to support even more Bandcamp pages. Here's the album I've been testing with:


:video_camera: Ustream embeds

Ustream is one of the more popular live video streaming services, so we worked this into the mix to provide a great video streaming option for your Ello posts. This will work with Ustream channel links for live streams, as well as pre-recorded video links.

:ello_smiley: New Ello-only emojis

You may have heard about the Ello emoji contest, and the results are in! We've added a handful of new emojis to Ello, and I totally :doge: them. Read more about them here :prosper:

:mag: The discoverability setting on your Settings page.


When the iOS app comes out, you'll have the option to be discoverable by your friends who have your Ello email in their device's contacts list. I've already found lots of IRL friends via the beta app's discover feature, and I think this will be a great utility for you. We're taking all precautions to protect your privacy on both ends, and the App will always ask for permissions before reading anything from your device.

:bug: We've been fixing bugs and improving features all around the Ello platform, and things are looking really good to keep moving forward. Thanks for your input, as always. We're glad you're here,

:blue_heart: :ello:


So cool.

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