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hiya fellow elloites! my bay area buddy @rusty and i will be hosting the first ever SF BAY AREA ELLOIZATION at the PACIFIC PINBALL MUSEUM in ALAMEDA on MAY 17th from 4pm to 9pm(ish) and you should make plans to come!

what's an "elloization" you ask? well, it's the first of what we hope will be many recurring meetups for local (and non-local, if you feel like traveling) @ello users to get together and get social IRL. this one is happening at the pacific pinball museum in alameda, california. all you need to do is bring yourself and $15, which gets you access to over 100 pinball machines from past eras to today, all on free play!

we hope people will use this as an opportunity to network as both friends and professionals, and above all just have some fun together in the community spirit of ello actually being a social network, unlike those other more antisocial ones. (;

suggested time to show up is from 4pm to 9pm - the pacific pinball museum closes at 9. if anyone wants to keep hangin elsewhere after that, or go their seperate ways, we'll keep our options open.

so far as inviting folks, right now since ello doesn't have much of a search-by-region feature, and since many users don't actually list their location on their profile, i'm doing the best i can to manually scour my followers list and tag the people who i am fairly certain are bay area locals here. i'm also tagging a few from slightly further regions in case anyone feels like traveling.

if you plan on attending, please do two things: 1. drop an RSVP for yourself in the comments section on this post. 2. please tag any others you might know, locally or otherwise, whom you think might wish to attend!

let's make this awesome and celebrate life together! @rusty and i have quite a few ideas brewing for future meetups if this takes off, and we'd like to hear yours as well!

the pacific pinball museum is located @ 1510 webster st in alameda, easily accessible by public or vehicular transit. you can check the place out in advance via their website @ pacificpinball.org

mark your calendars for sunday, may 17th and let's kick it!

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Calling all Bay Area Ello-ers - check this out!

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