Tune into your true desires
Change your vibrations
Guide yourself steadily
Forget where you were
Follow your bliss

We are bubbles
Fizzling and bobbing with thoughts
Existing for moments that stop
Together we float into moments unknown

Be a beachball dipping in and out of the waves. Let the wind push you carelessly down a sandy shore. Give in to the wind...

Be a strong and steady string.
Weave yourself tightly through every part of your existence.
Hold the entire earth on o...

The blossom is you.
You are the blossom.
The blossom is me.
I am you.
Be the blossom.

I am the oval I draw
Complete with an incomplete path
Just a pebble rolling in the waves
Never rolling the same way

How to be a whole, complete and perfect circle.

Step one: Be an imperfect circle today.
Step two: Repeat step one each ...

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