When we die everything is over. Even though we do not die, day by day we should forget what we did. This is non-attachment. And we we should do something new. To do something new we should know our past and future. This is all right, but we should not keep anything which we did. We should only reflect on what we did. That's all. And we must have some idea of what we should do in the future, but the future is the future; the past is the past; now we should work on something new. This is our attitude; and this is how we should live in the world. This is Dana Prajna Paramita, to give something, or to create something for ourselves. So to do something through and through is to resume our true activity of creation. This is why we sit. If we do not forget this point everything will be carried on beautifully. But once we forget this point the world will be filled with confusion.

— Shunryu Suzuki

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