In The Wheat

by Notty Bumbo, 2015

First I think was a bird
Flying through the view I held
Of clouds, the rain since stopped.

Later a grasshopper
Leaping from stem to stem,
Showed me the meaning of mercy.

Insects crawling below
And above, and one spider,
Working to capture her dinner,

Held me in thrall,
The vapor trails of bombers
Secretly planting codes of destruction.

Clouds came and went,
The mystery of Earth's rotation
Never solved by my new mind.

Who I was, who I would become,
Began and remains
As images traveling across the vast chasms

That unfolded above me,
Framed by wheat and wind,
My back convinced by solid ground

I would never lose my footing,
If I only kept watching,
I would never lose my way.

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